Doctor Who Insider #004

Every part of the costume was put together from finds at thrift stores—except for the Sonic Screwdriver, which I bought at a local Hastings. And I must admit I look pretty good for an 18 year-old girl!

The TARDIS plushie was made entirely be me, by hand—it’s six pieces of blue felt; some scraps of black, yellow, and white felt; some black thread; not enough stuffing; a few lines of sharpie; and a whole lot of hot glue! I sewed a large part of the TARDIS body on the living room floor while watching Doctor Who re-runs, but the majority of it was sewn on the 5-hour car ride to an anime convention! It’s been massively popular, though, and it’s squishyness makes it a perfect fit for hugging during terrifying scenes of the Silence! 

That’s me, right in the middle, with my sonic screwdriver and TARDIS plushie.

Things I like